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Washing machine sterilization solution


               Washing machine sterilization solution


1. Received inquiries from domestic middlemen about the UVC sterilization module used in the washing machine


 Washing machine sterilization solution 1 


2. Customers require us to assist in developing and providing sterilization solutions

  Washing machine sterilization solution 2



3. Product requirements from customers to Iranian customers :

a: Some models may have high-temperature drying and other functions.

b: The water in the washing machine may be heated to 90 degrees Celsius.

c: The average usage time of this washing machine is about 2 hours per day.

d: We will test the disinfection rate in the microbiological laboratory.

e: The water tank is made of PP.

f: We want to install this module in the new product design. The parameters and terminals of the main control board have not been determined yet

g: The following figure is the final design drawing of the water tank. In addition, the final designed STP file has been sent to you through the attachment.

h: The module will open and start working when the temperature is below 50 .

i: All main control boards are provided with anti surge isolation protection.

j: We need disinfection rate test report and CE certificate.

k: About the mass production time: it is expected to start producing this washing machine in 9 months.


4. The customer gave the customer the product picture and installation location:

  Washing machine sterilization solution 3


(In view of protecting the customer's design, the detailed drawings of the customer are omitted here. )


  Washing machine sterilization solution 4 Washing machine sterilization solution 5


5. According to the drawings provided by the customer, the simulation test was carried out: the sterilization rate was 99%, and our product th-uvc-c01 was recommended

The mounting position is also suitable.

  Washing machine sterilization solution 6

  Washing machine sterilization solution 7 Washing machine sterilization solution 8



After the development scheme is completed, wait for the customer to place the sample order for verification test. 


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