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2024 UV LED Innovations: International Breakthroughs and Applications in Disinfection and Beyond


  1. Toyoda Gosei Launches 40mW Deep UV LED Module:

    • Toyoda Gosei has developed a deep UV LED module with an emission wavelength of 275/280nm, achieving an output power of 40mW. The module has been integrated into WOTA's portable recirculating handwashing station.
  2. Seoul Viosys Violeds UV LED Technology Breakthrough:

    • Seoul Viosys's Violeds UV LED technology has been proven to inactivate 99.437% of the novel coronavirus in one second.
  3. Japanese Nitride Micro UV LED Technology Breakthrough:

    • Japanese UV LED manufacturer Nitride has successfully miniaturized Micro UV LED chips to 12μm x 24μm, which are expected to be applied to the next generation of AR glasses and other wearable devices.
  4. World's First 226nm UVC LED Germicidal Efficiency and Safety Test Results Announced:

    • A joint study by Asahi Kasei and Nara Medical University has researched the germicidal effect of 226nm UVC LED on the novel coronavirus, finding that it can quickly inactivate the virus with minimal impact on animal skin cells.
  5. Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Breaks Through UVC LED Packaging Technology:

    • Professor Guo Haozhong's team at Yang Ming Chiao Tung University in Taiwan has significantly improved the lifespan and reliability of UVC LEDs by using ALD equipment to deposit passivation layers and barrier films.
  6. Nichia Chemical's 280nm UVC LED Product Series:

    • Nichia Chemical has developed a portable UV irradiator with a wavelength of 280nm, capable of eliminating 99.99% of coronavirus particles in 30 seconds.
  7. ZKS Ann and Others Prepare High-Power Deep UV LED Chips:

    • The project undertaken by ZKS Ann and others has prepared high-power deep UV LED chips with an output power exceeding 40mW and developed deep UV LED modules with an output power exceeding 1W.
  8. Crystal IS Launches 100mW UVC LED Product:

    • Crystal IS, a subsidiary of Asahi Kasei Group, has launched a new generation of Klaran LA single-chip UV LED products with a wavelength of 265nm, providing a stable output of 100 milliwatts.
  9. LG Launches Portable UVC Disinfection Box and UVC LED Vacuum Cleaner:

    • LG has introduced a UV disinfection charging box equipped with UVC LED lights and a new A9 T series vacuum cleaner with efficient sterilization capabilities.
  10. International Team Biotlab Launches UVC LED Neck-Mounted Mask:

    • Biotlab has launched a UVC LED neck-mounted wearable device that disinfects the air before it is transmitted to the wearer's mouth and nose area.
  11. US Manufacturer MIRAVAC Launches UVC LED Robot Vacuum:

    • MIRAVAC has announced the launch of a UVC LED robot vacuum equipped with 8 powerful UVC disinfection LEDs, capable of cleaning and disinfecting floors.

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