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UV LED Products
There are different kinds of UV LED products based on various UV applications including UV LED vehicle-mounted air purifier, UVC LED sterilization bottle, UV LED mosquito trap and so on.
For car UV LED air purifier, state-of-the-art UV LED technology adapted for air-borne pathogen disinfection and photocatalytic purification.
For UVC LED disinfection thermos cup, the UV sterilization rate can reach as much as 99%, adopting innovative UVC LED sterilization technology which is non-toxic and mercury free, no radiation and odor.
For UV LED mosquito trap, UV LED with the highest optical output to attract mosquitoes over a longer area, optimized UV wavelength can attract mosquitos and insects effectively and generate CO2 by photocatalytic reaction with the coated TiO2 on the inner surface of top roof.   
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