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With The Recovery of Demand In The Pet Market, What Bright Spots Can UV LED Bring To The Pet Market?


UV LED, also known as Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes, is a solid-state device that produces light as soon as you pass electrical currents in a circuit. These currents pass from the positive side to the negative side of a current.

Recently in 2021, the market of UV LEDs was valued at a colossal $822.97 million and has a very promising future. It could possibly reach a massive $2930.21 million as soon as 2027. With advantages over their predecessors, UV Lamps, such as having a narrow band, makes them more convenient and efficient for use.

The pet market has seen recent growth. UV LED can prove to be beneficial when it comes to the recovering pet market. To learn more about UV LED and its impact on the pet market, read this article. Let’s jump right in!

With The Recovery of Demand In The Pet Market, What Bright Spots Can UV LED Bring To The Pet Market? 1

Pet Market During Covid

The pandemic of Covid-19 was a worldwide disaster for businesses of all kinds. Although the pet market is pretty resistant to all sorts of recessions, including those of 2001 and 2008, even they couldn't absorb the pressures of Covid-19. As per the US pet market outlook published for 2020-21, it was predicted that the total revenue of this industry would experience a decline of 17%.

The non-medical services for pet animals saw the worst. It was to experience a drop of 47%, mainly because it was directly linked to travel (pet boarding services). Even though essential products such as pet food were able to slightly mitigate the downfall with a growth of 4%, overall, the outlook was not that bright.

Pet Market Recovery After Covid

Although with a significant hit, the pet market saw a boom right after the pandemic. Pet adoption rates skyrocketed by over 110%, while foster homes saw a growth of 197% year on year. The pet care industry in the USA alone is $120 billion. Globally speaking, the industry saw a massive growth from $245 billion in 2021 to $261 billion in 2022.

The e-commerce market has been in the limelight too. With the increase in consumer preferences, the purchase of pet products is to grow by 9.4%. With the increase in convenience as well, there has been a rise in motivation to buy pet products. This figure is estimated to be around 44%.

With The Recovery of Demand In The Pet Market, What Bright Spots Can UV LED Bring To The Pet Market? 2

How Can UV LED Be Helpful in the Pet Market

UV LED manufacturers have disrupted every single market by creating the perfect substitute for old technologies. These recent UV LED solutions and more up-and-coming ones are revolutionary.

While every single sector is bombarded with technologies such as UV LED diodes and UV LED modules, the pet market, which is growing very quickly, can also take much help from UV LEDs.

UVC LED Sterilization

After Covid-19, everyone is being extra careful with what they put in their body. In most countries, pets are an essential part of a household, with only in the US 70% of all houses having a pet. People take care of their animals like family members and want them to stay protected. For them to be 100% safe, you can use a UVC LED Sterilizer. It has a wavelength range of 270- 285nm, which is perfect for sterilization and acting as a top-quality disinfectant.

Water Sterilization

With a UVC LED Sterilizer, the water you give to your pets is completely purified. With the increase in bacteria and viruses throughout the world, it is vital to worry about putting clean water in the body of your pets. This Sterilizer can be directly attached to the water dispenser of your pet. This will ensure that your pet consistently gets high-quality pure water every single time.

Air Humidifier

A UVC LED sterilizer is perfect when it comes to cleaning the air around us. We don't know what types of nasty viruses and bacteria are around us, which could be extremely dangerous and potent for our pets. You can use a UVC LED sterilizer to clean the air around you. With the help of this, the pets will be safe and sound, especially when it comes to the air that they breathe.

UVB LED For Pet Skin Treatment

Pets are just like humans when it comes to having sensitive skin. They often catch harmful micro-organisms which are toxic to their skin. Plus, If you are someone with a pet that has super sensitive skin, then you would always have a run to the vet every now and then. A UVB LED diode can be of immense help when it comes to treating the skin of your pet.

Whether it is a parrot or a cat that you own, their skin can be healed by a UVB LED. This product has electro-optical characteristics such as a peak wavelength of 310nm and radiant flux of 1.2 mW. This ultraviolet diode has various applications, including acting as a disinfectant, carrying out fluorescent spectroscopy, and providing crucial aid in chemical and biological analysis.

If this product is utilized to its full potential in the pet market, it can do absolute wonders.

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You have seen the wonders that come with UV LED technology and the range of possibilities that open in front of you if you choose it. You have also understood what bright spots UV LED can bring to the pet market. Well, if you are more interested in getting UV LED products, then say no more!

With The Recovery of Demand In The Pet Market, What Bright Spots Can UV LED Bring To The Pet Market? 3

Tianhui is the industry-leading provider of all the UV LED systems that you want for your personal or business use. It is one of the best UV LED manufacturers that have a wide range of UV LED solutions, including UV LED modules and UV LED diodes. Whether it is Infrared LED 850nm used for motor revolution and actuating motor, or UV Sensor 200nm-320nm used for banknote recognition systems and smartphones, they have it all.  

Wrapping It Up

In this article, we briefed you about what UV LED is, the pet market and its increased demands, and how UV LED can benefit the pet market. We hope you enjoyed this informative article thoroughly. Don’t forget to check out Tianhui if you are looking for UV LED solutions for your own business.

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