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Will UV-C Effectively Achieve a Good Sterilization?


Germs and microorganisms aren't a trigger just for germ phoebes, but they equally disgust the rest of the population. This is one reason that, for years, science has tried to find the best ways through which these microorganisms can be sterilized, giving us a safer and germ-free path to lead life.

Will UV-C Effectively Achieve a Good Sterilization? 1

One experimental method to remove microorganisms from several products is UVC LED. While successful in many aspects of sterilization, questions about the UV-C effectiveness – one of the three types of UVC LED– are still questioned.

Below we will break every myth and state some facts on whether or not a UV-C light is 

Would UV-C be an Effective Source of LED to Achieve a Good Sterilization?

All three forms of UV LED lights are a great source of sterilization. Among all types, the best bet you can receive is sterilization from a UV-C LED light.

Why is that?

The reason is that, UV-C led light has a wavelength of 100-280 nm. The short duration of wavelength gives it high enough energy to penetrate through products and kill any microorganisms lurking on it. When shopping for excellent UV-C sterilization for your home or office, make sure to buy one within this same wavelength range.

How Does UV-C Show Beneficial Results for Sterilization?

Now that we know that the short wavelength of UV-C is quite impactful in killing all microorganisms within the infected product or surface, how does it do this?

Well, the procedure for removing any microorganisms through UV-C light is simple. The UV-C waves enter the product's surface, on which the sterilization must be done. The rays then hit the outer cell wall of the microorganism; de-structure their DNA, RNA, and protein bonds which leave them unable to multiply.

Will UV-C Effectively Achieve a Good Sterilization? 2

Moreover, once their outer cellular wall depletes, the microorganisms die. Hence, leaving the surface or products sterilized.

Would the UV-C LED Light Work on All Microorganisms?

We all know that while LED lights might only have three types, that isn't the case with microorganisms. These non-visible creatures have hundreds of types, and the question remains will a UV-C light be enough to fight all?

The answer is yes! Studies have proven that UVC at a wavelength of 250-280 nm is perfect for killing all kinds of food-borne pathogens or bacteria lurking in the water, air, or any surface you are willing to disinfect.

While effective against all kinds of microorganisms, the penetration time or the time to kill each one might differ. This is because each bacteria, microbe, or pathogen are of different size and length; hence, the sufficient time on each will be different.

On the other hand, there are still chances that microorganisms with a thick or persistent outer covering might be more complex to kill than those not. This isn't something to worry about, though, because the results will be impeccable 99 percent of the time. Want to know what areas can UV-C sterilize? Hop on below.

In what Places Can UV-C LED Sterilization Make an Impact?

UV LED sterilization can be done on various surfaces and forms. some of the most common practice in sterilization is in the below-mentioned areas:

1. Water Sterilization

Will UV-C Effectively Achieve a Good Sterilization? 3

Water is an asset to the world however, clean drinkable water isn't available or present in quantity as much as we would like. Hence, with the ease of UV-C LED lights, people are carrying out UV water disinfection and making the water they use healthy and clean enough to drink. 

2. Air Purification

Will UV-C Effectively Achieve a Good Sterilization? 4

Breathing in clean and purified air isn't only a healthy practice for the mind and saves you from many respiratory diseases in the long run. Hence, ensuring that the air you breathe is properly purified through UV-C LED filters is essential. Air disinfection is a great practice and is something everyone should acquire in their homes and offices.

Where to Get the Best UV-C LED in Town?


Now that you know that the correct wavelength in UV-C is beneficial in sterilizing many components, the question is, where will you get it from? Well, worry not because we solved that issue for you too.

Tianhui is one of the leading companies for being the best UV LED manufacturers in town. The company has manufactured some exceptional products when it comes to UV LEDs.

Some of their impeccable manufacturers include their air disinfection, water sterilization module, flowing water disinfectant, and germicidal lamps. Not only do they lead in production, but their customer service is impeccable too. So, if there is a go-to place for UV LED products, it is this one; trust us.

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