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What is UV LED Printing?


High-quality products need to be promoted in order to be known by more people. From product handles to packaging boxes and postures, everything must be carefully presented to attract attention. Print advertising plays an important role, so companies must pay special attention to the type of printing technology they use . Enterprises choose to improve their printing technology. Effective printing methods can better display products and attract consumers. Now, UV LED printing system has become the leading sheep in the printing field. Wondering what is UV LED printing? read on! Get your answer below!

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What is UV LED Printing?

UV LED printing, also known as ultraviolet printing, is a printing technique that uses special UV-curable inks that can be printed onto a variety of materials or "substrates". The printer places the ink on the material, and specially designed UV rays (acting as a catalyst) follow behind to dry (or cure) the ink, making it dry instantly. This reaction leads to polymerization. UV light printing uses a light source that uses a light emitting diode to generate an energy wavelength at a light spectrum among 365-385-395-405-415 nanometers. It is more effective than traditional printing because it uses most of the wavelength generated to cure adhesives and inks. While in the case of the latter one, only some portion is utilized, the rest is converted into heat and Ozone. UV inks are fade and weather resistant, and the ink curing process is also more environmentally friendly than solvent printing as they emit fewer VOCs and odors!

UV LED Printing can be called a revolutionary technique giving a number of different benefits over traditional printing and making printing even easier with high-end results.

Benefits of UV LED Printing

LED UV Printing Systems to have lots of advantages over traditional printing systems. Here are some of the benefits uv light printing system blesses businesses with, eventually improving their product sale.

Ensures Quality Finish

Spending lots of money on traditional printing and still facing disappointing results? Switch to UV LED Printing! One of the main benefits of UV light printing is that it ensures a quality finish. This technique has incredible results; it won't be wrong to say it makes the best quality brochures around!

Besides all this, these printing systems use UV light instead of heat for drying paint which dries paint even quicker, saving both time and energy. It also ensures that the ink retains a quality finish. On average, these printers use 20% less ink and make a perfect replacement for traditional printing systems.

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Today, more people and businesses are shifting to eco-friendly techniques in almost every process, so how could printing remain a step back? That's why almost all the high-end businesses out there have shifted to using uv light printing. With UV LED Printing System – there is no need to for spending costs on Mercury disposal and other related things. Since UV LED lamps do not contain mercury, there is no need for mercury disposal or any associated costs. In addition, LEDs do not generate ozone gas that needs to be exhausted through ventilation. In addition, these systems don't produce Ozone that requires ventilation to be extracted. However, UV LED Printing techniques are eco-friendly. This printing system is eco-friendly and efficient in the usage of both energy and ink.

Faster Process

As described earlier, this UV LED Solution immediately dries the ink using UV light instead of heat. This cut short the time required for printing from minutes to a couple of seconds. In turn, you can save lots of time and money. These printing systems are believed to cut down the turnaround by around 40%, which is substantial.

Works on Various Materials

UV LED printing systems are versatile alternatives to traditional printing systems. Not only on paper, but you can also use them to print on different materials, including uncoated paper, silk, plastic, metal, wood, etc. This versatility is exceptionally beneficial, especially if you are trying to make things interesting, like adding different finishes to the final product.

Ensures Colors are Sharp

Traditional printing machine users are aware of the disappointment when the result doesn't show up the way they were expected to. Instead, the colors are muted. Luckily, with a UV light printing  system, it's now possible to get desired printing results, ensuring that the ink features its maximum potential. What makes the UV LED Printed brochures, postures, etc., bolder is that this UV LED Printing technique prevents ink from sinking into the material.

Energy Efficient

LED lights used in UV light printing have low energy consumption compared to the mercury bulb lamps used in traditional printing systems. These LED lights lead to higher ROI and significant power savings. What makes them energy efficient is their ability to quickly dry ink and save power. What else do you need when you can get all these advantages? Why not get a UV light printing for your business? Wondering where to get it from? Let's find out!

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Where to Get the Best UV LED Printing From?

After knowing about all the benefits, UV LED lighting system has to offer, you must be looking for professional UV LED manufacturers. Here we introduce you to one of the best-known UV LED manufacturers, Tianhui! Their “UV LED Light for Curing And Printing Industry Print Curing System” is a must-have for businesses.

Tianhui is a high-technology UV LED manufacturer providing high-quality useful products, including UV LED Printing Systems, UV LED Diodes, UV light printing and other UV LED products. Give their website a quick visit to better know about their variety and the excellent quality and services this UV LED manufacturer provides!



Are you tired of your traditional printing system consuming lots of energy and looking for an alternative? UV LED printing systems got you covered. Investing in UV LED printing systems instead of traditional printing systems that consume too much energy and have unsatisfactory results, choose to use UV light printing and optimize your business lines!


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