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UV Disinfection System for Water Treatment


Water is one of the most important things our body needs to function correctly. Our body requires the clean and germ free water. The reason being is that it will ensure that we don't get any bacterial or viral infection. You want your water to be purified but do not know the ways that will be effective in this manner?

UV Disinfection System for Water Treatment 1

Previously, people used to boil the water to clean their water. Gone are those ancient and the time taking procedures. The technology have being advanced and now a new technology can help you with water disinfection.

UV water disinfection is the most effective way through which you can clean your water. The UV disinfection system will help you combat all the microorganisms in the water. Here we will discuss everything about UV water systems and what benefits you can get from them.

What are UV Drinking Systems?

UV Disinfection System for Water Treatment 2

The UV disinfection technology works on UV lights. The ultraviolet light used in these systems is the wavelength of250-280nanometers. This is the perfect wavelength to kill all bacteria, algae, molds, and other water microorganisms.

The UV lights from these systems target the microorganisms' DNA, leaving them dead and inhibiting their growth. UV drinking systems can be used in different facilities such as wastewater disinfection, process water disinfection, drinking water disinfection, and so many others.

Another impressive thing about these systems is that they can also be used to remove the TOC and Ozone destruction particles.

How does the UV disinfection Water System Works:

DNA is one of the essential characteristics of bacteria, fungi, algae, and many other microorganisms. DNA helps in the functioning and reproduction of the microorganism.

The UV disinfection system destroys the DNA of these microorganisms, stopping them from reproducing. The UV rays in this system are about 240-280 wavelength, also found in the sunlight but in small quantities.

When it comes to the UV disinfection water system, this wavelength is intensified and is then used to purify and disinfect the water system.

UV Disinfection System for Water Treatment 3

Benefits of using UV Water Disinfection:

Since UV water treatment is a chemical-free purifying and disinfecting system, it has no potential dangers. Following are some benefits you can get from using this water disinfecting system.

1. Eliminating 99% of the microorganisms:

The best thing about these disinfecting systems is that they kill each and every microorganism in the water. The chemically treated water can only kill a specific amount of microorganisms; however, these systems' UV lights effectively against most of the pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

2. No Chemicals added:

Since the water is treated with UV rays, there is no need to add chlorine or biocides to the water. No chemicals mean the water is very safe to use and is in the purest form without any mixing.

3. Does not change the chemical composition of water:

Another thing about the UV systems is that they do not change the pH of water. Neither does it change the water's color, taste, or smell. This means it is totally safe to consume.

4. Excellent Efficiency:

The UV lights in these disinfecting systems are very strong and powerful; therefore, they purify the water with excellent efficiency. If the UV lights are very strong, then there is a possibility that the water will be cleaned only in one cycle.


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UV water disinfection systems can be beneficial. This ensures that you are drinking the cleanest and purest form of water. To find the best UV LED for the water systems, Tianhui electric is the best place to visit as they have a massive variety of UV LEDs.


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