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The Influence Of UV LED Light Source On UV Printing


The UV light utilized nowadays is traditionally produced by UV lamps based on mercury vapor for numerous industrial and medicinal uses. It has long been established that certain UV light waves have a severe germicidal effect, causing irreparable damage to DNA and RNA in microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

The Influence Of UV LED Light Source On UV Printing 1

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These days, UV-emitting LEDs with qualities that, in most circumstances, can effectively replace traditional Mercury lamps are sold on the market.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the European Community and the UN will shortly restrict the use of Mercury due to its established adverse effects on the environment.

With more than 1 million cumulative operational hours, Print could deploy more than 80 systems across Italy, Central Europe, and the Middle East by turning a vision into an industrial reality.

First, energy is saved by more than 80% compared to older systems, lowering the production's carbon footprint (CO2 emissions). In addition, operator safety has increased thanks to the absence of ozone, high temperatures, and voltage spikes in the presses. In particular, as opposed to the few hundred °C conventional UV Dryers require, LED UV lamps can work at cases as low as 60 °.

In addition to paying attention to safety and the environment, clients who adopt PrintLED technology instantly experience increased profitability. Production is more efficient, the takt time is relatively short, scraps are lower, there are much fewer solvents in the workstation (no scents), and the press setup is quicker and easier to repeat.

Furthermore, It has been achievable in many projects to boost total production capacity and capabilities by using PrintLED's solutions.

The Influence Of UV LED Light Source On UV Printing 2

What Distinguishes UV LED Printing System From LED-UV Technology?

The light source is the main distinction between UV and LED-UV. LED-UV emits radiation at a wavelength between 385 and 395 nm from lamp diodes (LED) (nanometers.) A mercury-vapor lamp used in traditional UV generates radiation ranging from 260 nm to 440 nm. Because just a portion of the UV's produced wavelength is utilized to cure inks and adhesives, UV is far less effective. Infrared energy, which produces a lot of heat and ozone, is present in the unused half.

What Distinguishes LED-UV Inks From Traditional Inks?

Traditional inks are liquid and dry due to the gradual evaporation of ingredients. UV light is used to dry (cure) LED-UV inks immediately.

Does Printing With LED-UV Differ Considerably From Printing With Traditional Inks?

There are very few differences between LED-UV and traditional printing, but there is usually only a brief learning curve.

Do I Need New Presses To Print With LED-UV Technology?

No, most existing presses can be adapted with LED-UV and conventional UV curing systems.

Must I Use A Different Set Of Ink Roller To Print LED-UV?

Yes, standard rollers often inflate and shrink when used with LED-UV inks. Additionally, they will make it more difficult to keep the ideal ink/water balance and produce extra heat from friction. There are two kinds of LED-UV bearings: EPDM for only UV Led printing System and Mixed-mode for alternating between LED-UV and traditional inks.

Can I Still Use My Printed Blankets?

No, specific blankets are needed for LED-UV. Like rollers, EPDM blankets are only used to print LED-UV, and a hybrid blanket is only used to print Mixedmode.

Can I Use A Standard Press And LED-UV Blanket Wash?

No, a specific UV-suitable wash is necessary since LED-UV rollers and blankets differ from traditional print rollers and blankets in terms of their rubber composition.

The Influence Of UV LED Light Source On UV Printing 3

Are LED-UV Inks Truly Twice As Expensive As Regular Inks?

Although LED-UV inks are frequently more expensive than standard inks, ink costs typically account for approximately 1% to 2% of the entire cost of any print. Additionally, several things balance off the added expense.

Since LED-UV inks are rapidly cured on the surface of the substrate, they have a higher "miles per pound" of ink, particularly when UV LED Printing System on offset stocks. Ink costs will continue to decrease as more printers use LED-UV technology.

Is The Chemistry Of LED-UV Harsh?

Equipment and safety glasses should be worn when handling any chemical in a print shop. The differences between traditional washes and LED-UV washes are minimal. Photo-initiators, which are occasionally capable of producing a burning sensation or rash, are present in LED-UV inks and coatings. Regardless of the type of printing used, it is advised that chemical handling standards be followed because these chemicals do not impact everyone in the same manner.

With LED-UV Printing, Do Extra Maintenance Cleaning Agents Need To Be Used?

No, the same rollers, paste, and calcium cleaning products can be used regardless of the printing type. When printing with LED-UV, these goods become much more crucial. The press will operate efficiently if all contaminants, including calcium and photo-initiators, are eliminated. A thorough maintenance program should also be in place for all mechanical devices.

Can I Continue To Use My Present Plates?

Yes, virtually all CTP plates produced today can be used for UV and LED-UV printing. The anticipated run time makes a difference. Some plates may produce as many as 250,000 impressions, while others may produce only 25,000 impressions. It is advised that a plate vendor be contacted if more is needed.

Let's summarise the relationship between the ambient and UV LED technology throughout the curing process in comparison to conventional UV in a few important principles:

· Lower energy use by up to 90%

· Reduced heat dissipation by up to 80%

· No mercury is disposed of

· No use of natural gas

· 80% reduced waste during press setup

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