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Hong Kong Trade Fair - Spring and autumn Electronic Exhibition


I. Pre exhibition preparation

1. Exhibit production

Before sample screening, our company has held many meetings and discussions. Everyone will list the samples they think are worth carrying, and then choose the most suitable, best-selling and representative products. Then arrange the sample production to the workshop. If the samples are ready, they will be transported to the exhibition in advance.


2. Preparation of posters and brochures

When the sample is selected, our photo editor will take photos for the selected sample to make posters or brochures. During the production process, each of us participated in the planning and work of the case.

After that, we need to print these posters and brochures and bring them to the exhibition. A unique poster can attract the attention of the audience and let them enter our booth to win more orders.


3.Before the exhibition, send an email to invite new and old customers to visit our booth

We invite customers who quote or place orders with us by email. Some customers will tell you he will be there. Some customers said that they would not come to the exhibition this time. In any case, we try to meet with our customers to deepen our trust and relationship.



II Exhibition arrangement

Exhibition layout and sample placement are also one of the important factors that determine the passenger flow. The design of the booth is very important. It is related to whether foreign buyers can stop, enter your booth, and conduct in-depth visits and consultations.

Therefore, from the style of the booth to the placement of products, we have made careful preparations, such as the placement of products, the position of products, which position is more prominent, the angle of placement, the order of placement, and so on.




III. Exhibition reception


1. There may be more people on the exhibition site. In many cases, this information cannot be completed, so we need to take a notebook and record it as soon as possible. Write down as much information as you can collect at the exhibition. At the end of the day, these notes will be sorted out so that you can follow up after the program. At that time, we received many business cards from customers at the exhibition. We came back to show them our factories and products and track customers.


2. In the exhibition, we also need to know more about our competitors. So as to understand the market situation and new products of the industry.



IV Post exhibition follow-up


After the end of the exhibition, customers shall be returned by email in a timely manner, and quotations shall be made in a timely manner. Customers shall be classified according to their attractiveness and whether they can provide complete information, and the priority of contact shall be determined.

The problems and precautions encountered in the exhibition are all inclusive, and different industries are different. Every time we attend the exhibition, we need to sum up and learn more things in order to find some useful and appropriate ways for our company.

The exhibition at that time gained good experience and orders. I hope our company can continue to make unremitting efforts, participate in more exhibitions in the future, and provide more opportunities for our future development!

Hong Kong Trade Fair - Spring and autumn Electronic Exhibition 1
Hong Kong Trade Fair - Spring and autumn Electronic Exhibition 2
Hong Kong Trade Fair - Spring and autumn Electronic Exhibition 3


Hong Kong Trade Fair - Spring and autumn Electronic Exhibition 4
Hong Kong Trade Fair - Spring and autumn Electronic Exhibition 5
Hong Kong Trade Fair - Spring and autumn Electronic Exhibition 6

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