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Questions Analysis Of High-Power LED In Application


The output flux of high power uv led diode is rising; the top III-nitride-based devices currently emit over 150 lm of white, cyan, or green led. We'll go over the fundamental design elements of these products, paying particular attention to power packaging, flip-chip devices, and phosphorus coating technologies.

These gadgets' high-flux performance is opening up a wide range of new uses for high power LED. The LCD display backlight and vehicle front lighting are two of these applications that are especially intriguing. We'll go into great detail on the benefits LEDs have over competing for lighting technologies.

Questions Analysis Of High-Power LED In Application 1

What Is High Power LED?

A UV LED Diode having a high operating power rating is referred to as a high-power LED. High power LEDs can reach 1W, 2W, and even dozens of watts, with working currents reaching thousands of milliamperes. In contrast to ordinary LEDs, which typically have a power of 0.05W and a working current of 20mA.

The use of high power white LED in the near term is primarily the illumination in some specialized industries, with general lighting as the long-term aim, due to the existing restrictions of large power LED in terms of light flux, conversion ratio, and cost.

Questions Analysis Of High-Power LED

We have analyzed the top advantages of High power led.

1. Chromatic Asymmetry

Individual LEDs essentially don't have a chromatic aberration problem, but the issue will become apparent when several LEDs are used at once, such as in a lamp. Although Tianhui will separate LEDs by color temperature into 8 major military commands, and afterward point in each military area control aura several parts, which regulate a wide range of color difference to a certain degree, there is still a difference with a batch of high power LED of the same quality. This difference is still unable to escape the instigation of people's eyes.

2. Insulation

The insulation that is described here relates to the negative and positive terminals of the LED heat dissipation base. Many well-known manufacturers are shocked by this issue. Only a few corrective actions are being made, and it hasn't been resolved yet. A single high power LED has an insulating question, but there is no issue; a series will have an impact.

3. Impulse Control

There is still debate about it, which is true in practice. It is primarily reflected in the chilly pulse, which implies that some high power LEDs will break down as soon as they are turned on.

4. Agonizing Angle

Because the packaging for LED lenses from different manufacturers varies, even the same irritating angle has a varied impact, which makes choosing a snoot more challenging. 

Questions Analysis Of High-Power LED In Application 2

5. The Possibility Of Becoming Blind.

The primary point of the LED light source is very bright and overly centered, making it easier to damage one's eyes. Even while certain light producers attempt to have an impact, the impact is still not very noticeable.

6. A Heating Issue

Although, in theory, LEDs do not heat up significantly, the issue is widely known with the current state of technology.

7. Poor Performance (Luminosity Factor)

The efficiency of high power LED electrothermal conversion is currently too low.

8. Insufficient Brightness

As a result, LED is now supporting the lighting business, which mostly uses illumination for decorative purposes. 

9. Service Life And Light Failure

LEDs from the mainland or Taiwan currently have a major service life and failure issues. Some well-known manufacturers, like TIANHUI, claim that their LEDs have a 100,000-hour lifespan. However, we are aware that LED failures and service life are also influenced by the quality of the heat dissipation and driver. 

10. Ability To Move

Currently, the majority of the controlling circuit is taken from switching power supplies; naturally, only a small number of lines are specifically designated for the LED driver, but the result is essentially the same. Due to the necessity of the LED dc drive and the constant current management it requires, the drive circuit is fairly extensive and has low efficiency.

Additionally, the manufacturer's claim that a drive can apply ten or more high power LEDs is false even though it is a constant current. Even though it is current controlled, the high beginning voltage will frequently cause LED to fail suddenly.

11. Constrained Form

The constrained shape is due to the LED's single light characteristic. UV led diode is an ideal choice for home due to its optimal design.

12. Excessive Unit Cost

While our LED costs 10yuan or more and has subpar quality and also no intellectual property, a foreign LED having 1W to 3W is only $3. It costs consumers roughly 1,000 Yuan for a bulb with six LEDs.

Questions Analysis Of High-Power LED In Application 3

The Best High Power LED For Curing Light System

UV LED Modules, UV LED Systems, and UV LED Diodes made by Tianhui are well-liked in the industry. Whether they're planted outside or indoors, they provide an uplifting environment.

The ability of Tianhui UV LED Diodes to treat water in terms of eliminating suspended particles and microbiological pathogens, in addition to the groundwater and pollution levels, will be put to the test.

 High Power UV LEDs for Curing Light Systems are compatible with electromagnetic fields. This product only produces a little amount of electromagnetic interference, and it is sufficiently immune to interference from its surroundings. A device is a great approach to strengthening people's immune systems by delivering a controlled application of cold and hot stimulation.

Where To Buy High Power LED

For more than ten years, Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd. has already been offering UV LEDs or UV LED solutions as top UV Led manufacturers.

Production and sales of UV LED light sources, UV LED modules, and UV LED application goods are what we do. We currently offer UV LED goods and solutions to numerous factories worldwide.

We primarily work with UV LEDs and uv led module for the material business. These products are utilised in the biomedical sector, air filtration, water circulation disinfection, mosquito traps, toothbrush sterilizers, and other applications. China's mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Europe, and North America are among our top sales regions.


It emits light whenever an electric current flows through a Light Emitting Diode (LED). LEDs are a kind of semiconductor UV LED Diodes. Electrical equipment and lighting fixtures use this thin, elastic, and occasionally colourful strip as a light source.

The led lamps have a long lifespan, low heat generation, and high energy efficiency. These advantages make them ideal for use in houses that wish to reduce their energy costs or companies that want to lower their expenses.

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