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Key Applications of UV LED Curing in Optical Communication/Cable Field


The telecommunication world has advanced a lot, and they have developed a lot since the 1960s. Nowadays, the demand for optical communication and due to this increase in demand, companies are producing new and more efficient cable fibers.

UV LED curing systems are used in different areas, such as electronics, medical devices, and optical instruments. You can also see them being used in cable fiber and communications. These UV LED-cured optical communication has made communication much smoother and more effective. In this article, we will learn about the application of UV LED curing in the optical communication and cable field. So, let's get into the article.

Key Applications of UV LED Curing in Optical Communication/Cable Field 1

What is UV LED Curing?

Before jumping into UV LED Curing in fiber optics, let's see what UV LED Curing is. UV LED curing is a new technology that changes liquid into a solid substance. Ultraviolet lights are used in this process, and the energy from the UV lights is absorbed and produces a polymerization reaction. This reaction then causes the change of state from liquid to solid.

Application of UV LED Curing in Optical Communication and Cable Field:

The latest UV LED curing cable fibers are the best to replace your old optic fibers. These fibers are efficient, increased in durability, and low in cost. So let's discuss how UV LED curing systems work in the cable field and optical communication.

Active Devices:

The active devices in the circuit components can control electric charge. This means that the active devices need some electrical source to work correctly. Mentioned below are all the different active devices used in the optic fibers and the cable field with the UV LED curing system.

· Coaxial Cables:

The coaxial cables are used in cable operating units, telephone companies, and other places to convey and transmit data. These cables used the UV LED curing system as they are multi-dwelling and scatter the signals. These cables are perfect to use in universities and apartment complexes. The coaxial cables are easy to install; they can be very durable and allows smooth transmission of signals.

· Laser Collimator:

The fiber laser collimator allows the launch of the light from one place to go to a free space collimated beam. The collimator allows the movement and transmission of the signals into a unidirectional. Hence, it prevents the signal from clashing and interfering with each other.

Passive Devices:

Passive devices are components that do not generate energy but can store and dissipate it. These devices are used to split the communication signals and then combine them to make a proper channel for telecommunication. Following are some of the leading passive devices used by UV LED curing technology.

· WDM:

The WDM of the wavelength division multiplexing device is used in optical communication. This helps with the multiplexing number of optical carrier signals into one optical fiber. In this, different wavelengths are used through UV LED curing. The WDM is used in cable television, transceivers, and other parts of the communication system.

Key Applications of UV LED Curing in Optical Communication/Cable Field 2

· Grating Waveguide AWG:

The AWG is also an optical communication system. It is used as multiplexes and demultiplexes. In this device, the different wavelengths from the UV LED interfere linearly with each other and help transmit the singles in the optical fibers.

The Grating Waveguide AWG is used in pairs with the WDM system. Other areas where this device can be used in signal processing, signal sensing, and signal measurement.

· Optical Isolator:

The optical isolator only allows unidirectional transmission of the signals. This means this prevents any unwanted interference. This device is also known as an optocoupler. The working of this device is based on Faraday’s effect. These optical isolators can be used with fiber optics. They can work as amplifiers and fiber optic ring laser and also helps with increasing the speed of the transmission of signals.

Optical Fiber Cable:

The UV LED optic fiber cable has gained a lot of importance. These fibers allow the easy transmission of the signals; the UV light assists the transmission for the measurement, testing, and spectroscopy. Hence, mentioned below is the overall structure of the optical fiber cables.

· Outer coating:

The fiber cables usually have a multi-layer o coating. Plastic or silicone coats the cables, protecting them from dirt, absorbing any shock, and making the fiber more robust and long-lasting. Many different kinds of coatings are found in the market, such as acrylate fiber coating, high-temperature acrylate for resistance against heat, and many others. Each of them has a different function but ensures the protection of the fiber cable.

· Marking:

When you get the fiber cable, you can see different markings. These markings are color coding. The color code is present on the Bale clasp. The markings and the color coding allow the person or the user to pick the right one and prevent any error during the maintenance of communication.

· Bonding:

Fiber bonding is a technique through which polymers can be assembled. This is done by generating the cross points with the second polymer, which are both embedded. Here UV LED curing plays the role and allows for the perfecting bond of the polymers.

Key Applications of UV LED Curing in Optical Communication/Cable Field 3

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We know that telecommunication has become the most significant industry in the entire world. Every day new things are being manufactured to enhance communication and make it smoother. UV LED curing has made its way into this industry, and now we have unique systems through which communication is made easier and smoother.


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