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How To Choose The High-Quality LED chips


The COVID-19 pandemic has increased interest in UVC LED disinfection devices, pushing UVC LED—a product still in the early stages of rapid development—to the fore.

Since UVC LED technology is still in its infancy, neither national nor industry standards exist. Additionally, as there is no accepted test standard for measuring the radiant flux and intensity of UVC LED chips, there isn't any UVC LED testing apparatus that complies with the standard.

How To Choose The High-Quality LED chips 1

What variations exist among LED chips (SMDs)? Which kind should I pick?

You will find that the market is flooded with a bewildering assortment of possibilities at various price ranges if you search for Led bulbs for a residential or commercial project. It may be tempting to select the LED fixture that is the cheapest. However, the cheap LED fixture is not always the best option because the quality of LED lighting varies so greatly between manufacturers. When energy savings, performance, maintenance, and in some circumstances, replacement cost are considered, an inexpensive LED fixture may end up costing more in the long run. To guarantee that you are genuinely receiving good value for your money and to achieve a successful LED lighting project, it is crucial to carefully assess and compare the characteristics of the LED fixtures you are considering.

LED chip types from a wide range of uv led manufacturers can be used to create LED strip lighting.

By contrasting the two most popular chip types on the market for LED tape, the 3528 and the 5050, we will illustrate the key distinctions between them in the sections that follow.

The Distinction comparing LED 3528 with 5050

Several LED chips can be used to make LED strip lighting. The size of the chip is indicated by the numbers you see, such as 3528 and 5050. The sizes you see above are the older style panels that have been common for a while. Currently, LED chips in the sizes of 2835, 3014, 5630, and 3020 are even more compact and effective. Each has advantages when used correctly. They cannot all be ruled by "one" chip.

They are used, especially RGB color changing lights, when you only require a little illumination for your work area. The 5050 LED is particularly suited for lighting up places that may be susceptible to high levels of natural light since, theoretically, when comparing strips with the same amount of chips, SMD 5050 LEDs can deliver a light output that is three times that of the 3528 strips. There are only a certain number that can fit on the PCB due to their increased size. The 5050s have some brightness limitations when used in this manner.

Even though they generate more heat than smaller chips, they nonetheless do so at a significantly lower rate than other types of illumination. To transfer heat away from the chips, these LEDs need a thicker PCB.

How To Choose The High-Quality LED chips 2

In contrast to 3528 LEDs, 5050s may mix the three distinct chips inside the container to produce millions of possible color combinations.

The 3528 SMD LEDs in high density are better for single color applications, even though the 5050 chip can be used in applications that require only one color.

How is the UVC LED chip tested?

The chip's I-V characteristic measuring is rather straightforward. A tester can be used to measure it directly, or a straightforward test system made of a continuous current supply and a voltmeter can be constructed. Manufacturers of LED packaging can utilise the voltage and current test system of the Leeds photoelectric characteristic thorough tester, a pulsed power source, and then draw the I-V characteristic curve after measuring the corresponding voltage by varying the current. The system is made up of an external drive power source, an LED light stress - strain tester, and an EVERFINE U-20 deep UV irradiance meter.

A tool for altering the angle and distance is included with the LED light intensity distribution tester, making measurements easy.

The LED light stress - strain tester has an angle and distance adjustment device, making it simple to measure the radiation intensity at various angles and distances. A DC stabilized power supply powers the test system. The power supply's output adjustment allows for fine control of the current input to the LED.

LED chips oversee converting electricity into light, and they control the color and quality of the light that an LED fixture emits. Even though there are numerous LED chip producers all over the world, there is a considerable variation in LED chip quality and performance on the market. The top makers of LED chips are found in China and South Korea, as well as well-known companies in the United States and Japan.

Why is it crucial to pick LED fixtures that make use of premium LED chips? 

Even among LED chips from same batch, there are normal differences in light color, brightness, and voltage during the production process.

bins" according to their qualities. The narrowest "bins" are used for the finest grade LED chips, guaranteeing that any changes between chips are so slight as to be undetectable. No matter the size of your LED lighting project, you can guarantee constant LED performance by selecting LED fixtures using high quality LED chips.

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Where to buy high-quality LED chips from

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