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How is UV LED Technology Connected to the Printing Industry?


Printing is a broad industry linked in one way or another to all the businesses out there in the market. Advertising is the base of every business and that’s what mainly links them to the printing industry. From getting product brochures printed to printing postures and pamphlets, and lots more, everything requires a link with the printing industry. However, high-end businesses opt to install a printing section in their industry.

With the growth of the business industry, printing businesses are also expanding, discovering more effective printing techniques. However, the most well-known effective technology used in printing is UV LED technology – one of the game changers! In this article, we will discuss what actually UV LED technology is, how it's linked to the printing industry, and how it works. Let's begin!

How is UV LED Technology Connected to the Printing Industry? 1

What Do You Mean by UV LED Technology?

UV LED, Ultra Violet Light Emitting Diode, was produced in October 1962 by a group of scientists and is actually a light emitting diode that, on absorbing electrons, emits photons whose wavelength lies in the UV region. UV LED technology refers to the usage of this diode in different processes.

It won’t be wrong to say UV LED Technology is linked to almost every field of life in one way or other. From being used in industrial and cosmetic curing, sterilization, and disinfection to their use in industries like printing and more, they have been of utter importance in this era!

How It’s Connected to Printing Industry?

UV LED printing technology uses UV drying to dry ink when printing. UV LED printing systems are not used in homes as homes most commonly used printing systems are the traditional ones that utilize heat for drying. However, when it comes to industrial and commercial printing, the main technique is UV LED Technology, and the mainly used printing system is UV LED Printing System.

There are several options on how UV LED technology can be integrated into the printing process. In the past few years, the fastest growing technology used in printing is the light-emitting diode, i.e., LED. Depending on the type of printing process used, UV LED can either be placed at the intermediate position or at the end of the process for drying and curing ink.

How UV LED Technology Works?

UV LED technology works by passing electrons from semiconductor diodes which emit energy as photons. Using UV light to cure ink is a bit complex process as it’s entirely based on photoinitiators to create new bonds among oligomers.

A photoinitiator is a chemical substance that, reacting to a specific wavelength, initiates a chemical reaction that includes both the bond breakage and the bond formation. The new bonds formed then make a 3D network, eventually curing ink on the paper, etc., in the most effective way known. By this step, the ink is successfully cured on the substrate, and the process of UV LED curing has come to an end.

How is UV LED Technology Connected to the Printing Industry? 2

How Is UV LED Curing Beneficial?

UV LED Curing has several advantages over hot-air drying as it ensures lesser heat production, eventually minimizing the surface temperature and cutting short the energy wastage. Moreover, the LED has been well known for saving electricity costs up to 70% as compared to the cost of hot air drying. It's utterly amazing! However, UV LED printing systems have fast on/off options that are excellent energy-saving, as they will be used only when required.

All of these advantages, including the endless versatility of UV LED technology, can be attributed to why UV LED technology is growing much faster in the printing industry and how the connection benefits businesses. Let's now get to know in detail why we should switch to UV LED printing systems.

Why Should You Switch to UV LED Printing Systems?

Wondering why you should switch to UV LED Printing systems? Get your answer here! UV LED Printing systems are the printing systems that implement UV LED technology to become the best and super-efficient alternative for those high-energy and time-consuming traditional printing systems. It doesn't end here; this printing system dries ink quicker and shows impressive printing results.

Besides all these, UV LED printing technology is eco-friendly; it doesn't use Mercury and doesn't produce Ozone. It ensures sharp color printing and can work on a number of different materials, including paper, silk, plastic, wood, etc. However, if you want to cut short expenditures of your printing industry and produce better printing results, you must switch to using UV LED Printing System!

How is UV LED Technology Connected to the Printing Industry? 3How is UV LED Technology Connected to the Printing Industry? 4

Where to Get the High-Quality UV LED Printing System From?

Where to get the best high-quality UV LED Printing system must be the next question raised in your mind. Let's get it answered! Tianhui is one of the high-end UV LED manufacturers providing a wide range of best-quality products that utilize LED technology in their operation. One of their fantastic product, "UV LED light for curing and printing industry Print curing system," is what you must consider when looking for the best UV LED Printing Systems.

Working since 2002, Tianhui has gained immense popularity due to its high-quality product and excellent customer dealing services. These UV LED manufacturers provide other unique products, including the UV LED Module, UV LED Products, and many more. The unique thing about its products is that they have complete UV LED specifications and include UVA, UVB, and UVC from shorter wavelengths to higher.


As UV LED technology has grown its roots in various branches of life, including pharmacy, treatment, and diagnosis, its use in the printing industry is also worth discussing. The UV LED technology, when used in printing, gives excellent printing results and reduces the process completion time. However, it has been an emerging alternative to traditional printing systems, and most of the high-end businesses are already using it!

Give this article a quick read to explore how the printing industry and UV LED technology are connected and how their connection has been of great use in the field of printing. 

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