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Frequently Asked Questions About UVC


A highly specific region of electromagnetic radiation is referred to as UV-C light. Ozone naturally absorbs this type of light, but more than a century ago, scientists discovered how to capture this light wavelength and utilize it to disinfect a surface, air, and even water.

Frequently Asked Questions About UVC 1

When bacteria come into touch with this light for the first time and have never been subjected to this wavelength, it alters their RNA/DNA and renders them incapable of reproducing. This is essentially how " UVC LED light kills COVID-19" works.

What Exactly Is UVC?

Since the late 1800s, bacteria, mold, yeast, and viruses have been eradicated using short-wave UV light in the "C" band, which has a 200 to 280 nanometers wavelength.

Germicidal UV is another name for UV-C, sometimes known as UVC. The organisms become infertile when exposed to this wavelength of ultraviolet light. When an organism is unable to reproduce, it dies.

How Does It Function?

The UVC LED light is often positioned to expose the coil surfaces and the drainage pan to as much light as possible and installed on the outlet side of the cooling coil. Normally, the light is placed about a foot away from the coil's surface.

The bacteria's DNA is targeted by the "C" wavelength, killing the cell or preventing replication. Surface biofilm is eliminated when bacteria are killed or rendered inactive by UVC LED light.

Frequently Asked Questions About UVC 2

In food processing plants, fixture UVC LED emitters increase product quality, shelf life, and yield by continually cleaning coils, drain pans, plenums, and ducts.

Can UVC Reduce Energy Use?

Yes. Coil organic accumulation is deteriorated by UVC LED devices, which maintain coil cleanliness over time. Enhancing heat transfer and raising net cooling capacity lowers HVAC energy expenditures. The Life Cycle Cost program from Steril-Aire offers a great approach to forecasting energy and facilitating business.

Frequently Asked Questions About UVC 3

How Frequently Should The UVC Lamps Be Replaced?

A UVC LED lamp has a real life of between 10,000 and 20,000 hours. There are 8,00010,000 hours of usable life. A radiometer is used to measure the output of UV. The light is often adjusted once a year, ideally in the early summer or spring, to produce the best results throughout the hotter months.

Is UVC Dangerous?

As U UVC LED devices are installed within air conditioning units or are somehow insulated to prevent exposure, there is typically no problem. UVC LED is only dangerous under extended direct exposure. To prevent injury to the skin and eyes during installation, protective goggles and gloves are advised. Glass cannot let through UVC LED C light. Viewing UVC illumination through an air-handling access window is not harmful.

How Are UV Lamps Used To Kill Germs?

Per the requirements of your institution, UV Care germicidal lights are utilized in various applications. Additionally, we provide portable units, upper-room irradiators, and direct sterilizing fixtures.

How Frequently Should The Lamps Be Changed?

Germicidal UVC LED lamps by UV CARE have a lifespan of about 8,000 hrs (two years) of prolonged usage and only see a 20% output reduction during that time.

Do UVC Bulbs Need To Be Cleaned?

Yes, UVC LED amps may be wiped with a dry cotton or paper towel and should be examined occasionally (about every three months), depending on the climate. Put on rubber gloves and only use alcohol to clean. Additionally, doing so will lengthen the lamp's life.

What Harm Can The Bulbs Possibly Do To Me?

Long-term, direct UVC LED light exposure can temporarily make your skin red and irritate your eyes, but it won't make you get cancer or cataracts. UV CARE systems are made with security in mind, prevent exposure to UV radiation, and enable secure operation and upkeep.

Direct germicidal light can burn the top layer of your skin if you are subjected to it. If your eyes were exposed, you could experience what is known as a "welder's flash," and your eyes might feel gritty or dry. Germicidal lamps never result in any long-term harm.

Can Germicidal UV penetrate Surfaces Or Materials?

Rather, germicidal UVC LED only sanitizes objects that meet it. The UVC LED light will stop when it strikes ceiling fans, light fixtures, or other hanging items if a room sanitizer is present. More fixtures may need to be strategically positioned throughout the space to guarantee total coverage.

Which Safety Measures Are Necessary When Applying Germicidal UVC?

Indirect fixtures, such as TB and Corners Mount, are installed above eye level in personal defense applications (the employment of lights for space irradiation in houses, schools, businesses, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions About UVC 4

No people or animals in the region are exposed directly; only the higher air is exposed. Personnel working in these facilities should be safeguarded by donning face shields or goggles and covering as much skin as possible with clothing or sunscreen.

Lifetime Of A UV Light In Use. If It's Still In Fine Condition, Why Modify It?

The production and doping of the product determine its use and duration. We recommend regular cleaning and maintenance of the machinery and ventilation duct to extend their lives and stop premature aging.

When UV lights reach the recommended lifespan, their continual wear increases dramatically. This lamp's duration will vary depending on how it operates depending on factors like temperature, pollution, and other environmental factors.

How Should The UV Light Be Changed?

Depending on the machine, this procedure could change. Consult your equipment's manual for instructions. Exhausted or damaged lamps must be disposed of in accordance with local laws, as some components are detrimental to the environment.



Where To Buy UVC?

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