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Do You Know How to Make LED beads


LED Beads make the fundamental elements of the high-power LED modules. Their bead design makes mounting on a heat conducting surface easier and draws away excess heat from the LED.

LED Beads come in 1 and 3-watt models in a variety of colors. These beads are considered cost-efficient options for pre-assembled LED modules, where the LEDs can be soldered to an aluminum plate of choice.  

In this article, we will describe in detail the uses of LED beads and complete process of making small LED beads and more. Hop on below to get started!

Do You Know How to Make LED beads 1

What are the Uses of LED Beads?

LED beads are widely used for a variety of purposes. Mainly, these creations are best known for their impact on display screens. However, you will also find uses for LED lamp beads in medicine and other fields.

How LED Beads Impact the LED Display Screens?

Wondering how LED beads impact the LED display screens? This section will clear out your confusion.

· Brightness: The brightness of the LED display is determined by the brightness of the LED beads. The narrower the viewing angle, the greater will be the brightness.

· Viewing Angle: They also determine the viewing angle of the display. A wider viewing angle is required for the displays installed at high buildings. Ensuring the synchronization of brightness and viewing angle is necessary because if the two contradict each other, the display's brightness will be reduced significantly.

· Lifespan: LED lamp beads have a higher lifespan of 100000 hours, greater than most of the display panel components. However, the LED beads make the most durable components.

· Consistency: Each LED lamp bead's brightness and wavelength consistency influences the brightness, white balance, and chromaticity consistency of the entire display.

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Use of LED Lamp Beads in Medicine

The use of light for healing disease is an old practice. However, now the sunlight has been replaced with LED lamp beads! Here are some of the uses of LED lamp beads in medicine.

· Anti-Inflammatory: Several researchers have concluded that LED lamp beads have anti-inflammatory effects. They help cope with the swelling and pain caused by dye lasers.

· Wound Healing: LED lamp beads of the various bands in the inner infrared promote epithelial cell growth after trauma, healing the wound.

· Scar Prevention: It helps Keloid patients by preventing scars. Moreover, it soothes pain, itchiness, and discomfort.

· Other Uses: These beads can be used in hair loss treatments, photodynamic therapy, dermatology, for reducing skin damage after UV exposure, and more.

How to Make Small LED Beads?

To begin making LED beads, first ensure to get a chip with appropriate current, voltage, color, luminosity, and size. When done with it, follow the steps mentioned below!

Step 1: Expand the LED Wafer

Uniformly expand the entire LED wafer film using an expansion machine. This is to make sure that the closely placed LED crystals on the film surface are pulled apart, eventually making it easier to spin.

Step 2: Put the Silver Paste

Next, place the crystal expanding ring on the adhesive machine's surface, on which the silver paste layer was scraped. Proceed with putting the silver paste on the back. Point the silver paste.

Are you making bulk LED chips? Use a dispenser to point the right amount of paste on the PCB.

Step 3: Puncture LED Chip on PCB Printed Board

Place the expanded crystal ring to which the silver paste was applied into the spine frame. The operator will use a spine pen to puncture the LED chip on the PCB printed board.

Step 4: Solidifying the Silver Paste

Follow up with putting the PCB printed circuit board into the heat-circulating oven for a while. Take it out when the silver paste is solidified.

Note: The above steps need to be performed if you are using LED chip bonding. However, there is no need to perform them if you are using only IC chip bonding.

Step 5: Weld the Inner Lead of the COB

Bridge the chip with the PCB’s corresponding pad aluminum wire using an aluminum wire binding machine. By this step, you have welded the inner lead of the COB.

Step 6: Test the COB Board

The next step is to test the COB board. Use special testing tools for the purpose and give back the unqualified COB board for repair.

Step 7: Seal the PCB Printed Board

Use the dispensing machine to place the appropriate AB glue amount onto the bonded LED die. Follow up with sealing the IC with black glue and seal the appearance according to the requirements of the customer.

Step 8: Place the PCB Printed Glue in the Thermal Cycle Oven

Place the glue-sealed PCB printed board in the thermal cycle oven. Leave it at a constant temperature for a while. Using the machine controls, different drying times can be set according to need.

Step 9: Test the PCB Printed Circuit Board

Follow up by testing the electrical performance of the packaged PCB printed circuit board using a special testing tool. This is mainly done to distinguish good-quality PCB boards from bad ones.

Step 10: Separate Lamps According to Brightness

The last step is to separate lamps based on their brightness using a spectroscope and package them separately.

Do You Know How to Make LED beads 3

Where to Get the Best LED Lamp Beads?

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Wrapping Up

LED beads, important constituents of LEDs, are widely used for different purposes. This article is a brief yet comprehensive guide on what LED beads are, their uses, and the making process. Hope you find it helpful!

If you want to buy LED beads from a top-notch electronics company, Tinahui Electronics will be your best bet! It ensures providing the best-of-the-best quality at reasonable prices. 

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