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What is the Difference Between 365 nm and 395 nm UV LED


365nm LED is a high-intensity ultraviolet curing device primarily used in diodes, medical disinfection, and biochemical detection. It kills the common houseplant insects. It also helps with the Photosynthesis process to assist in the strong growth of plants. 365nm light source is made of the temperature control module, UV LED, circuit, integrating sphere, and monitoring module. It belongs to Class-A’s class of ultraviolet wavelength, popularly known as UV-A.

On the other hand, 395nm LEDs are some of the best UV lights for killing germs and bacteria. It is the most common wavelength used for curing dental resin. There is abundant energy in this light form. This backlight is used in industries and for disinfection at medical centers. It plays a crucial role, from recognizing pet urine on the floor to clearing blood stains. This wavelength solidifies in the violet and visible portion of the spectrums.

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Advantages and Applications of 365 nm LEDs

The wavelengths between 200nm and 400nm are the strongest. 365nm UV LED shines as the bluish-white dull light. Check the significant pointers below to learn more about its advantages and applications.

1. Anti-Counterfeiting

From luxury goods industries to pharmaceutical companies, a few security features are not recognized under normal lighting conditions. The anti-counterfeiting feature will reveal security features and make the work effective and accessible. Its advantages include:

· Integration of Holograms and Watermarks: These are added to the currencies, packaging, and identification cards to provide an extra layer of security. They are often designed to respond to 365nm UV lights.

· Use of Fluorescent Dyes and Inks: Fluorescent inks and dyes prove the authenticity and genuineness of documents. These are only visible when used under 365nm UV light.

2. Adhesive Curing

The curing of adhesives helps restore the durability and quality of the final products in industrial processes. The UV Light 365nm helps cure the UV-based adhesives primarily.

· Creates Strong Bonds: The UV-cured adhesives create strong bonds to withstand environmental factors. This makes it ideal for automotive, electronics, and medical device applications.

· Precision: The 365nm ensures precise control over the curing process, leading to high quality and improved results.

· Efficiency and Speed: The UV curing process is done at lightning speed. It reduces downtime and increases product efficiency.

3. Mosquito Trapping

UV 365nm contributes highly to the control of mosquito-borne diseases. It is an innovative trapping solution without relying on harmful chemicals.

· Increased Effectiveness: UV traps reduce the local mosquito population by trapping them through the adhesive or the fan. It prevents the mosquitoes from escaping.

· Environment-Friendly: These modern UV traps pose no threat to humans, pets, or the environment, as no chemical insecticide is used.

· Attractiveness: The mosquitoes get naturally attracted to these 365nm UV traps because this wavelength lures them into the traps.

 Advantages and Applications of 395 nm LEDs

Similar to 365nm, the 395nm UV LED is also from the category UV-A. It means this wavelength is safe and more workable than the traditional UV curing and disinfectant system. Let’s dive into its various applications and advantages.

1. Ink Curing

This UV light instantly dries the inks, adhesives, and coatings. It helps manufacturers achieve durable and high-quality prints. Its benefits are:

· Durable: The UV-based cured inks improve the longevity of the printed materials. These inks are resistant to chemicals, scratches, and fading.

· Rapid Drying: The 395nm UV-cured inks significantly dry the print material, increase efficiency, and reduce the production time.

· Environment-Friendly: Traditional solvent-based inks are more harmful than UV-cured inks. These inks emit lower VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds, making them safer.

2. Offset Printing or Lithography

· Faster Production: The 395nm cured inks dry quickly, which helps manufacturers to have faster turnaround times.

· Great Print Quality: UV-cured inks produce sharper images, having vibrant colors that enhance the print quality.

· Used for Variety of Substances: The 395nm LED-cured ink can be used on plastic, paper, and metal. It makes offset printing possible for high-quality publications and material packaging.

3. Silk Screen Printing

To create various printed designs, manufacturers use screen or silk screen printing. The cured ink is pushed through the mesh stencil to get high-quality results. Its advantages are:

· Superior Quality Adhesion: These cured inks work better on textiles, glass, ceramics, and metals to ensure long-lasting prints.

· High-Speed Curing: Rapid curing is possible using a 395nm LED light, which helps screen printers meet higher production demands.

· Finer Intricate Details: This UV-cured ink helps with intricate design printing, making them ideal for high-level precision and quality applications.

365 nm and 395 nm UV LED

Difference Between 365 nm LEDs v/s 395 nm LEDs

Basis of Difference

365nm LED

395nm LED


Less efficient

Increasingly efficient

Wavelength and Light

UV-A LED wavelength and emits bluish-white dull light.

Has UV-A LED wavelength and produces violet light.


Safe for surfaces and human use.

It is safe but requires additional protective gear for human use.


It is costly   

Easy and Affordable

Blocking the Ultraviolet Lights

It efficiently blocks the UV lights because it falls under the UV-A category.

It blocks the UV lights and protects from UV-B and UV-C lights.

Crime-Solving Capabilities

It is low intensity, so it may not detect body fluids or minute stains.

It is highly capable of detecting fraud and is used effectively by forensic experts to detect body fluids and minute stains hidden from the naked eye.

Fluorescent Effect

It is safe and potent to be used on surfaces and areas where less visible violet light is required.

It produces violet light, so it is not the most powerful fluorescence and may not help with related actions.


The advancements and innovations in the field of UV LEDs have made most of the work safe and effective. The UV-A wavelength and lights are most effective, like 365nm and 395nm. However, it depends on the users’ requirements to use any of these. We have provided an insider’s view of both the UV LEDs. You can buy them from Tianhui for various fields or applications. 

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