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Is UV LED 222nm Best for Air and Surface Disinfection?


We all know that COVID-19 has led to a rapid development in the use of UVC LED technology for surface, air, and water disinfection. After this deadly pandemic, the importance of improved ventilation for both natural and mechanical has been widely understood.


Also, there has been an improved demand for controlled and documented methods to treat surface and air responsible for virus transmission of several kinds. Ultraviolet (UV) sources have proven to efficiently inactivate most pathogens, including strains of viruses and drug-assistant bacteria.


Conventionally, UV air and surface disinfection are based on mercury (Hg) lamps. However, safety regulations and concerns about banning the constant use of Hg have driven the development of alternative Ultraviolet sources for effective disinfection.


With the emergence of UV-based technologies, air and surface disinfection has become much more accessible. However, is it safe to use UV LED 222nm to disinfect air and surface? This write-up will unveil the answer to this puzzling question, so let’s dive right into it!


UV LED 222nm

Understanding the Impact of Polluted Air & Surfaces on Human Health

· According to the World Health Organization, over 75% of the global population breathes polluted air. Also, roughly 7 million early deaths are associated with polluted air alone.

· Dangerous chemicals like nitrogen and sulfur can build up indoors and cause damage to your lungs. Plus, they can result in life-threatening breathing problems and might trigger asthma.

· ·Infected surfaces can increase the risk of bacterial infections, particularly among children. Also, you might get caught by Q fever, meningococcal disease, or tuberculosis.


Fortunately, these health issues can be avoided by disinfecting air and surfaces using 222nm UVC LED.


Spectral Sensitivity & UV Wavelengths of Disinfection

UV LEDs of various wavelengths are seen as the natural replacement for mercury (Hg) lamps for the following reasons:

· They’re mercury-free

· They have low costs of maintenance. 

· These sources offer advantageous operating features such as high-performance reliability control, instantaneous ON/OFF, and high ability to cycle. 


These benefits have enabled an increased integration of UV LEDs into a variety of disinfection applications, including air, water, and high-touch surfaces.


Before diving into the details of UV LED 222nm technology for disinfection, let’s first understand what UV light is. Ultraviolet light is classified into the following categories based on the wavelength:


1. UVA: 315nm to 400nm

2. UVB: 280nm to 315nm

3. UVC: 200nm to 280nm


The third category, UVC, includes UV LED 222nm and is particularly effective in disinfection. This technology has the ability to destroy viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.


What to Know About UV LED 222nm?

222nm Led belongs to the UVC group, and it is ultra-violet in color. Because of its reliable germicidal properties, this UV technology is commonly used for air and surface disinfection purposes. 

Features of 222nm UV LED

· 222nm UV Led wavelength is an excellent choice for surface disinfection due to its minimal penetration properties. It can disinfect surfaces without leaving any harmful impact on human eyes and skin.

· This wavelength is better known for its durability and longer operational life. You just need to invest in a single 222nm UV LED, and it will last for years.

· 222nm Led wavelength has the capacity to kill the RNA and DNA of microorganisms with utter precision and ultimate accuracy.


How Can UV LED 222nm Help in Air and Surface Disinfection?

UV LED 222nm is a gentle warrior in the battle of disinfection. UV Led module with this wavelength are referred to as “Far-UVC Modules.” AND this technology is better known for its ability to inactivate pathogens and bacteria without causing harm to human cells.


Several studies prove the fact that 222nm UVC Led is beneficial for killing viruses and bacteria of several kinds, including the influenza virus. Also, these UV sources are less harmful to human eyes and skin.


Compared to traditional UV lamps, 222nm UVC LED  does not need to be turned OFF when people are present. That means it is highly suitable for disinfecting occupied spaces like public transportation, offices, and medical facilities. 


UVC LEDs with a wavelength of 222nm Led often possess robust germicidal properties. These traditional sources are helpful in destroying the RNA and DNA of microorganisms, preventing them from reproducing. 


The most notable feature of 222nm UVC LED is its proven track record in various disinfection applications, including air disinfection, surface disinfection, and water purification. That means this UV source is suitable for spaces where comprehensive disinfection is paramount.


222nm uvc led application


Sourcing the Best UV LED 222nm for Your Space 

Going through the above details, you must be convinced to get a 222nm UV light emitting diode to ensure the safety of your spaces. 


At Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic, you will find the UVC LED Module TH-UV222- 3 / 5 Series 222nm for air disinfection. This Far-UVC source has become a mighty warrior against invisible threats in the air. 


Our high-end module uses the right wavelength to target the pathogens precisely and offers a compelling solution for air purification. Furthermore, this 222nm UVC Led module is highly effective in neutralizing viruses, bacteria, and other microbes.


The series is mainly designed for air disinfection and can also be used for a range of applications, such as:

· Healthcare settings 

· Public transportation 

· Workspaces and offices 

In addition to commercial uses, 222nm UVC LED Module can be incorporated into residential air purifiers for individuals who want to improve indoor air quality. Above all, the series is helpful in creating a safer living environment, particularly in areas prone to seasonal infections. 


Let’s explore in more depth, how UVC LED Module TH-UV222- 3 / 5 Series can help in creating a safer environment.

1. Robust Safety Features 

When it comes to dealing with Ultraviolet technology, human safety is paramount. Our TH-UV222- 3 / 5 Series incorporates specialized safety features to ensure an effective and safer air disinfection process without posing a risk to human cells. 


Due to its advanced safety features, our 222nm UVC LED Module is ideal for use in highly occupied spaces. This is the only UVC technology you need for continuous air purification without disruption. 


Though our UVC LEDs are equipped with advanced safety features, humans are not allowed to be directly exposed to these sources. 

2. Compact Design 

What sets our TH-UV222- 3 / 5 Series apart from our competitors is its compact and versatile design. No matter if you want to fit it into your existing HVAC system or wish to incorporate it as a standalone air disinfector, the product is highly flexible in deployment.

3. Impressive Power Outputs 

The TH-UV222- 3 / 5 Series by Tianhui comes with high power outputs of 3W and 5W to effectively treat a significant portion of air. This impressive output power of our 222nm Led makes it ideal for a range of applications, from highly occupied environments to small enclosed spaces. 

4. Ideal Wavelength 

As mentioned earlier, 222nm Led wavelength is a potent spot in the UV spectrum. This ideal wavelength is highly advantageous for neutralizing air-born viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

222nm LED Air and Surface Disinfection


The Bottom Line 

We hope this information will help you better understand how 222nm UV LED can help safely disinfect air and surfaces.  For more information about UV LEDs for water and air disinfection, please check our premium products at Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic.


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