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Introducing Seoul Viosys LED Modules: Reshaping the World of UV LED Technology


In a time characterized by advancements and growing concerns, for the environment the importance of UV light emitting diode ( (LED) technology cannot be overstated. UV LEDs find applications in fields such as water purification, sterilization and medical equipment. In this landscape one company stands out as a trailblazer in UV LED technology – Seoul Viosys. They are recognized for their innovation, quality products and excellence.

 seoul uv led

In this article we will delve into Seoul Viosys' remarkable journey, their innovative solutions using UV LEDs, their dedication to quality and sustainability efforts.

Seoul Viosys: A Leading Player in LED Technology

Established in 2002 Seoul Viosys has firmly established itself as a pioneer in the world of LED technology. With a sales revenue of around ₩300 billion and an extensive portfolio that includes over 4,000 patents Seoul Viosys is renowned for its commitment to advancing technologies that redefine the industry.


The company's vast patent collection reflects their dedication, to pushing boundaries and providing state-of-the-art LED products to clients worldwide. Seoul Viosys offers a range of UV LED solutions tailored to diverse industry needs with their innovative Seoul Viosys LED Modules at the core.

Seoul Viosys UV LED Modules: Transforming UV LED Solutions

Seoul Viosys' revolutionary UV LED Module have set a benchmark in UV LED technology. These modules have been carefully designed to deliver performance and efficiency across a range of applications. The Seoul Viosys LED Modules are already revolutionizing the field of UV LED technology.

lUV LED Module CU3737

The CU3737 stands out for its conductivity and reliability. It comes in dimensions of 3.7x3.7x2.77/3.33mm providing energy irradiation, per unit area with narrow directivity angles of 60º and 35º. This UV LED module is not only a high power output solution but also meets RoHS compliance standards featuring an SMT type design and being lead-free.

lUV LED Module CU3737

Seoul Viosys Z5 product features a ceramic body UV PKG with conductivity and silicone molding for enhanced performance at high power outputs. It complies with RoHS regulations. Offers thermal resistance making it an eco friendly choice for diverse applications.

lLED Module NZ5

Similar to the Z5 the NZ5 showcases a ceramic body UV PKG with conductivity and silicone molding for precision focused applications. It provides a view angle of 45º degrees ensuring suitability in tasks that demand accuracy. Like other products the NZ5 also adheres, to RoHS guidelines, exhibits low thermal resistance and can be obtained as an SMT type option without the presence of Lead.

lLED Module CA3535_Dome

The CA3535_Dome product is well known for its body with thermal conductivity and a dome lens that allows UV transmission. It provides a viewing angle of 60º degrees and stands out for its exceptionally high power output. Moreover it is compliant with RoHS regulations, is an SMT type product that contains no lead, reflecting Seoul Viosys commitment to delivering top notch quality.

lLED Module CA3535_Flat

The CA3535_Flat showcases a body with thermal conductivity and a flat lens that enables UV transmission. It offers a viewing angle of around 115º degrees making it an excellent choice for applications that require broad coverage. Like other products from Seoul Viosys the CA3535_Flat delivers power output while adhering to RoHS compliance. Furthermore it boasts low thermal resistance and is available as an SMT type product without any lead content.

lSeoul Viosys’ Cost-effective UV LED Modules: 3528 and 6868

The 3528 and 6868 options are cost effective UV packages specially designed for applications where an economical solution is required. These solderable SMT LEDs are also free from lead content. With their ability to operate within a low to medium range these UV LEDs cater to various industrial needs.

lSeoul Viosys UV LED Module 3030

Similar to the 3528 and 6868 options the 3030 serves as another pocket-friendly choice, for UV package requirements. In the field of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) Seoul Viosys offers a lead-free product that's solderable and designed for low current operations. This product is specifically tailored to meet requirements with a focus on sustainability.

lUV LED Modules: AAP 1Chip and AAP 4Chip

Two notable solutions from Seoul Viosys in the UV C-range are the AAP 1Chip and AAP 4Chip. The AAP 1Chip provides a viewing angle of 120º degrees while the AAP 4Chip offers a wider angle of 135º degrees. These products come with high thermal conductivity aluminum bodies and are designed to deliver exceptionally high power output. They comply with RoHS regulations, have low thermal resistance, and are available as SMT types. Importantly both the AAP 1Chip and AAP 4Chip are manufactured as lead-free products underscoring Seoul Viosys commitment to promoting sustainability.


Seoul Viosys UV LED Modules reflect the company's commitment to excellence and innovation. With a range of patented technologies, at their disposal they ensure that their LED products not meet but surpass industry standards.


Their commitment to providing energy-efficient solutions has earned them the trust of businesses around the globe. From UV water purification systems to medical equipment applications Seoul Viosys LED Modules play a role in important sectors.

Tianhui: The Seoul Viosys LED Module Agent

Tianhui as a trusted partner in agent of Seoul Viosys LED plays a role in delivering these UV LED solutions to customers. As an important partner, Tianhui ensures access to Seoul UV LED enabling clients to utilize the potential of these innovative products.

Wrapping up

In a world where UV LED technology is rapidly advancing to meet the needs of a market Seoul Viosys LED Modules stand out as symbols of progress. These modules not only redefine the industry with their performance and quality but also contribute to a sustainable and greener future. With the support of Tianhui as an agent, Seoul Viosys continues its leadership in UV LED technology advancement.


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