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How to choose UV LED Module For Your Needs


UV LED Modules have been in the market for many years and are used by businesses for curing, sterilizing, and disinfection. These radiation sources can be UV-A, UV-B, or UV-C. Different ultraviolet radiation modules perform differently.

The LED curing system using ultraviolet rays has changed over the years, as it is now used as an adhesive, printing, and coating material. The UV modules work on key factors like wavelength, light profile, intensity and dose, workable distance, etc. Various industries, hospitals, houses, and offices use these different modules.

Read this guide to choose the right UV-LED module, its workability, and its application.

How to Choose the Right UV LED Module for Your Business

The specific application in the industry or a healthcare center demands different modules. We will provide insight into the considerable factors contributing to this.

1. Wavelength

If you want the work done efficiently, effectively, and flexibly, the wavelengths above 200nm work better. You can choose wavelengths like 365nm or 395nm to conduct UV curing and disinfection of the space at a fast pace. These wavelengths are adaptable and safe for human use. They can provide better results at an affordable cost per watt of usage.

2. Light Output Profile

The current and voltage control for the lightning system and controller is necessary. The users can use narrow or wider light outputs to avoid unwanted curing or disinfection. The LOP profiles control the intensity with which the light will emit for UV curing and are focused on a particular space. The light profile can be used at low, medium, or wide angles. The maximum voltage for the UV-LED module used can be 3.7Vdc.

3. Working Distance

The working distance plays a major role in curing, sterilizing, disinfecting the place or searching for stains or marks left at the crime scene. For example, the working distance and wavelength optimism required for UV curing is short, but for water and air disinfection, the working distance required may be long. Even for curing certain objects, you may require a long working distance. However, the wavelengths 365nm and 395nm work perfectly.

4. Intensity and Dose

Users must know the intensity and dose when using the UV module in a commercial or residential setup.

Total Dose = Intensity x Time

So, the total dose delivered over time for curing materials like resin, ink, and plastic or for sterilization and disinfection in the healthcare center requires less intensity. The high voltage intensity can be used to find the minute objects or marks that are not visible to the naked eye.

The high UV-A LED, like 395nm, works perfectly when a high dose is required. Beyond that, 400nm can be a little harmful because of the high-power radiation it emits. A balance must be between the intensity and dose level administered during the curing, sterilization, or disinfection. For optical usage, there should be an extreme balance not to cause any harm to lenses or decoration glasses.

5. Safety Consideration

This is one of the most essential factors regarding UV-LED module usage. The UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C are mostly used in the curing and other processes. It can be hardening the materials or finding the forged documents of the criminals. However, these modules have different intensities and come with different doses. UV-A may not be as harmful to human eyes and skin as UV-C.

Users must use proper safety gear and tools when working with these UV modules. This will safeguard your skin or eyes from getting harmed or causing any radiation effects.

Assessing the UV LED Modules Workability

When industries use UV curing for materials like ink, resin, or plastic, they use higher intensity and dose for the curing workability. It is up to the demand of the work whether a user needs a UV-A or UV-C module.

But, the workability of the modules also depends on cost, compatibility, and cooling capacity. Let’s assess these ultraviolet modules for the same:

· Cooling Capacity: Many LEDs work simultaneously and at higher intensity and doses to cure materials or sterilize the space properly. These UV-LEDs must be removed immediately and cooled off to lower the maximized heat levels. A convection-cooled lamp and fan-cooled solution are the best fits. If there is a restricted space, water cooling solutions can help.

· Cost: A big curing or disinfection project may require an expensive UV LED module. However, there are some stackable modular LEDs available, too. These can be used with other units and one power supply. You can afford these LED curing systems at an affordable price from wholesale manufacturers.

· Compatibility: UV-LEDs have a longer lifespan, and they work with reduced maintenance costs. They will not require frequent replacements, and you can save on costs. Plus, they are compatible with many devices. The setup for UV LEDs can work independently and is compatible with different devices used for air and water sterilizing, disinfectant devices, or devices used with UV LEDs for daily use.

Application of UV LED Systems

Incorporating UV LED modules for various work projects can help industries, offices, residents, and healthcare centers. However, these modules are quite efficient and can be used in various fields. Let us check out a few:

· Water purification and sterilization

· Air sterilization

· Used in medical devices and instruments for precise operations

· UV Lamps and glasses

· Curing of ink and resin materials

· Hospital lighting

· Humidifiers

· Plastic hardening

· Bacteria and germ disinfection

· Microorganism inactivation in water and air


UV LED modules are of different types and must be used according to their capacities and capabilities. The UV-A module works best if you are looking for safe and reliable usage. However, it depends on the users’ requirements or industries for which they want a specific module. Reach out to Tianhui, a leading UV LED chip manufacturer. We sell various products at competent prices while maintaining the high quality of products.

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