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Exploring the Transformative Uses of UV LED 365nm Across Various Industries 


Surprisingly, the UV LED market has expanded five-fold in the past decade and is expected to grow over US$ 1 billion by the end of 2025. The key trend projected for this market growth is the ability to expand into new applications, including medical, agriculture, air purification, glue curing, water purification, and anti-counterfeiting banknote inspection. 


Ever-evolving improvements in UV LED stability, flux density, and life hours have made this technology a viable alternative to traditional cold cathode lamps, mercury (Hg) lamps, and arch lamps. 


Among several Ultraviolet LEDs and boards, one specific wavelength, 365nm UV LED, has emerged as a versatile player. In this write-up, we will explore the magic of UV LED 365nm across various industries.


UV LED 365NM application

What to Know About 365nm UV Light?

Ideally, 365nm UV light falls at the potent spot in the UV spectrum and is well known for its ability to initiate curing processes. In terms of light curing, glue curing, visual light source, and flaw detection, UV sources with a wavelength of 365nm UV LED can become a game changer.


This shorter-wavelength light possesses the following unique characteristics:


365nm UV light has low penetration, which makes it safer for various applications.

Compared to other UV resources, UV LED 365nm technology has minimized phototoxicity.

This wavelength is more environmentally friendly as it produces low levels of hazardous ozone gas. 

Due to its lower penetration, 365nm UV light can be used in photo-polymerization processes to trigger the curing of resins and polymers. 

Applications of 365nm UV LED Across Various Industries 

Now that you’re familiar with the 365nm UV light. Let’s explore the transformative uses of this technology across different industries:

Anti-Counterfeiting Banknote Inspection 

You will be amazed to know that 365nm UV LEDs are extensively used in security marking applications. In this domain, the technology offers an effective method for anti-counterfeiting and authentication measures. 


Through the analysis of security features and fluorescence detection, UV LED 365nm are employed in anti-counterfeiting banknote inspection. Genuine banknotes often have security fibers and fluorescent inks that are visible under UV light. Financial institutions and central banks use specialized handheld devices or UV lamps emitting UV light with UV 365nm wavelength to illuminate the banknotes and reveal fluorescence. 


Additionally, UV 365nm technology can be employed in the following areas of security markings:


Currency authentication is one of the critical areas where UV technology is offering premium opportunities. It is widely used in the printing of currency and banknotes. Professionals incorporate invisible inks that are visible only under UV light into the design. It not only makes the process much more convenient but also helps individuals and authorities verify the authenticity of banknotes.

Verifying important documents such as legal papers, identification cards, and passports often uses UV-powered security features. Thus, UV LED 365nm can be incorporated to reveal hidden patterns and markings while preventing unauthorized duplication. 

UV Recognition technology also uses specific wavelengths, such as UV 365nm, to detect imprint bill matte response security signs and banknotes. This UV recognition approach helps in identifying most of the counterfeit money, such as bleaching, pasting, and washing banknotes. 


365nm UV light

Glue Curing & Light Curing 

365nm UV LEDs have the ability to match the absorption characteristics of photoinitiators, making them ideal for glue and light curing. During the manufacturing or assembling processes, UV-curable adhesives are applied to the bonding surfaces. 


AND then, adhesives are exposed to 365nm UV light to initiate the process of polymerization and crosslinking reactions. 365nm UV light interacts with photoinitiators and triggers the adhesives to form strong bonds between the substrates.


In controlled glue curing, 365nm LED light technology offers targeted and efficient performance without generating excessive heat. Additionally, the technology is better known for its ultra-fast curing capabilities. 


In addition to glue curing, UV 365nm are used for light curing in electronic medical, instrumentations, displays, and other industries. This UV-curing process has become a hot spot in the decorative panel industry. Here, it is used to produce zero-formaldehyde and environmentally friendly panels while saving 90% of energy. 

Jewelry Detection & Flaw Detection 

As 365nm UV LED technology has the ability to reveal fluorescence quenching, it can be used in flaw detection and jewelry detection. Several gemstones used in jewelry exhibit specific fluorescence patterns when exposed to UV light. So, gemologists can use these distinctive fluorescence patterns or colors to verify the authenticity of the antique jewelry pieces. Also, the variations of these fluorescence patterns can help professionals identify imperfections, inclusions, or flaws. 


Furthermore, 365nm LED light can highlight organic materials such as resins and oils used in gemstone treatment. Professionals can access the overall value and quality of jewelry pieces by identifying the treated gemstones. 


Advantages of UV LED 365nm Technology

365nm UV LEDs are widely used across several industries due to their following promising features:

1. Energy Efficiency 

One of the most notable reasons to use UV LED 356nm over traditional light is its remarkable energy efficiency and cost savings. Unlike conventional light sources, UV LEDs don’t consume substantial amounts of power. This approach ultimately leads to reduced environmental impact and lower energy bills.

2. Instant ON/OFF

Ultra-fast switching is another appreciable feature of UV LED 365nm. The technology offers instant illumination without demanding the warmup time required by traditional lamps.

3. Longer Life 

More and more industries are leveraging the power of UV LEDs due to their unparalleled performance and impressive durability. They have reduced downtime and are less prone to sudden failure. You just need to buy a 365nm UV LED , which will stay brighter for years. 

4. More Control

UV LED 365nm offers precise control over the duration and intensity of UV exposure. This level of control is particularly important in processes like analytical instruments and curing.


365nm UV LED application

The Bottom Line 

To sum up, the UV LED 365nm technology can be used for several transformative applications across industries like glue curing, light curing, jewelry detection, and anti-counterfeiting banknote inspection. 


We hope this information about 365nm UV light will help you better understand the critical role of this technology across multiple industries. To get the best quality UV LEDs at affordable rates, don’t forget to check our premium offerings at Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic.  


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