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Argentine pneumonia of unknown cause is caused by Legionella


Most of the diseases these days are labeled as waterborne. Thousands of people die each day due to severe diseases that may be rooted in water. A study showed that a glass of water might contain millions of harmful bacteria that lead to human sickness. Such a case of sickness was reported in Argentine. The symptoms were very similar to the one of pneumonia. However, the back story was a lot different.

We all hear many stories related to the diseases caused by water bacteria. Well, have you ever considered some solution? One of the most reliable solutions is UV led water module. This article will guide you through the disease Legionella and about UV led water module and the best UV led manufacturers. Without further due, let's hop into the blog.

Argentine pneumonia of unknown cause is caused by Legionella 1

What is Legionella?

Legionnaires' plague is a dangerous, perhaps fatal condition that needs immediate medical attention. Pontiac fever is a less severe illness that Legionella can also bring on. Pontiac fever does not result in pneumonia and poses no danger to life. It often fades away completely and has symptoms resembling the minor flu.

According to the U.S., humans can contract the Legionella bacterium by inhaling tiny water droplets or by accidentally ingesting water carrying the bacteria. Department of Health and Human Services. It can lead to pneumonia of the dangerous variety known as Legionnaires' disease.

Following an outbreak at an American Legion meeting in Philadelphia in 1976, the bacteria were found. A pneumonia-like condition known as Legionnaires' disease emerged in those impacted. Warm water is ideal for the Legionella bacterium. Inhaling contaminated water droplets in the air causes Legionella infection in humans.

The Legionnaires' illness causes over 5,000 hospital admissions each year in the United States. Many Legionella-exposed individuals don't get ill. Pontiac fever does not result in pneumonia and poses no danger to life.

What signs and symptoms are there for Legionnaires' disease?

Symptoms of legionnaires' illness often appear 2 to 14 days following exposure to the bacterium.

Why does Legionnaires' illness occur?

Legionnaires' illness is caused by a bacterium called Legionella. Pneumonia is an infection brought on by the bacteria's invasion of the lungs.

Warm freshwater is where Legionella often thrives.

Although the bacteria may survive outside, it is known that they grow quickly in interior water systems. These issues can worsen quickly, especially in those with compromised immune systems.

The diagnosis of Legionnaires' illness.

By checking for Legionella antigens in your blood or urine, your doctor can determine if you have Legionnaires' illness. Antigens are things that your body detects as dangerous. To combat illness, your body responds to antigens by producing an immunological response.

How is the sickness of legionnaires treated?

Antibiotics are always used to treat legionnaires' illnesses. When a disease is suspected, treatment often begins without waiting for confirmation. The risk of problems is considerably reduced with prompt treatment. Many patients fully recover with therapy, but most require hospital care.

What is the prognosis following treatment?

The prognosis is often favorable for healthy individuals who seek treatment quickly. The intensity of the illness and the speed of treatment, however, will determine how long it takes to recover. Better outcomes come from faster treatment.

How may the Legionnaires' illness be avoided?

For Legionnaires' disease, there is no vaccination at this time. However, the sickness can be avoided by thoroughly sanitizing and cleaning any probable Legionella bacteria sources.

Preventive procedures include UV water disinfection and cleaning cooling systems on a regular basis, emptying and cleaning the pool and hot tubs, and maintaining hot water systems over 140°F and cold waterways below 68°F in pools and spas.

UV water disinfection - UV led water module to prevent Legionnaires

Through regular water consumption, this UV led module eradicates bacterially borne illnesses. As an illustration, legionella infection, which causes unidentified pneumonia, was discovered in Argentina. Legionella is typically brought on by cooling, and because the water in huge pipe systems is unhygienic, germs can spread.

The germs will be removed by 99.99% after UV water disinfection. UV led water module is put in the dispenser, placed at the end of something like the drinking water system, and disinfected. People require clean drinking water on a regular basis. Drinking water needs to receive greater attention and be improved.

Argentine pneumonia of unknown cause is caused by Legionella 2

Where to buy UV led water sterilization module from?

Now that you know how UV led water sterilization module helps disinfect water through UV water disinfection, the next step is finding a reliable source to buy it from. Well, you don't have to worry here as well, as we've got you covered. Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd is a perfect solution to buy your UV Led Module. 2002 saw the establishment of Zhuhai Tianhui Electronic Co., Ltd.

This is a production-focused, high-tech, UV-led manufacturer specializing in UV LED packaging and solution provider for various UV LED applications. It integrates research and development, manufacturing, sales, and UV LED solution provision.

Tianhui Electronic has already been working on UV LED packages with a complete UV led manufacturer run, consistent quality and dependability, and affordable costs. From short to long wavelengths, the products cover UVA, UVB, and UVC, with full UV LED specs ranging from low to high power.

Argentine pneumonia of unknown cause is caused by Legionella 3

270NM 280NM Flowing Water Dynamic Sterilization Disinfection UVC LED Module for Drinking Machine Faucet

A UVC is added to the end of the commercial. With Th-UVC-SW01. Led overflow water sterilization from UV Led Module with a bright effect. The UVC LED's utilized ranges in wavelength from 270 to 280 nm. Its sterilizing and UV water disinfection effects are great and effective. Internal cavity with strong UVC reflection, which effectively increases UV light consumption, considerably increasing its effectiveness and enhancing the UV water disinfection process.

The most effective way to avoid water contact is through special structural design. Water safety is ensured by the aging of plastic components. This item TH-UVC-SW01 can be designed into two versions, which are cold and warm water UV water disinfection and non-sterilizing faucets, respectively.


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