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Are the UV LED Mosquito Traps Really Working?


Are you exhausted from mosquitoes buzzing everywhere and itchy mosquito bites, or want to ensure complete protection against the major arthropod-borne diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fever, Zika, etc.? UV LED Mosquito Traps got you covered! They have been excessively used in mosquito traps in place of Mercury lamp insect trapper because these are energy efficient and have long span functioning batteries than the latter.

In this article, we will find out does the UV LED Mosquito Trap works. Is it more effective than other mosquito trapping methods? Let's explore!

UV LED Mosquito Traps

A UV LED Mosquito Trap is a trap consisting of a light-emitting diode instead of an incandescent bulb. The components of most of the UV LED mosquito trap includes:

· Hanging hole – This hole enables fixing traps to the brackets, eaves, and ceilings.

· Roof – These are here to ensure stable air flow and effectively minimize the influence of the ambient wind and mosquitoes on the container.

· LED – UV Source with appropriate wavelength and power to attract mosquitoes.

· Strainer – These are there to ensure no insects large than mosquitoes get crushed and trapped by the fan.

· Fan – Used for forcedly drawing caught mosquitoes into the container.

· Container -  Works as an exhauster, inletting air toward the outside and forcing the captured mosquitoes to dry to death.

Are the UV LED Mosquito Traps Really Working? 1

Are the UV LED Mosquito Traps Really Working?

The hot topic that's most often discussed these days about mosquito trappers is whether UV LED mosquito traps are worthy. Do they actually work on capturing mosquitoes and killing them? Let’s find out the answer to all the queries hitting your mind!

Most scientific experiments conclude that UV LED insect traps may have performance results equal to that of the traditional mercury lamp insect trappers. However, recently, a field test with an insect trap using UV LED from SeoulViosys’ violeds technology came up with four times better performance results than the control using existing Mercury lamp technology. That means UV LED mosquito trappers perform more effectively than the Mercury lamp insect trapper.

You can conduct your own experiment, too, like we did, to check out whether this product actually works or not. You will surely get to know better!

On experimenting with a UV LED Mosquito trap for about three nights being placed in the backyard, we got results that stunned us. The container got filled with mosquitoes and other flying insects that died from drying out. What else we got caught was a bird fly which flew away when opening the container, which means one should leave the mosquito trap ON for some time so that all of the insects get killed. However, UV LED mosquito traps work!

The mechanism of trapping mosquitoes these mosquito trappers use is effective enough to capture and kill all the mosquitoes around you, freeing you from those itchy mosquito bites. No need to rub on mosquito repellents when you get the UV LED mosquito trap!

Benefits of Using UV LED Mosquito Traps

A long list of benefits prioritizes UV LED mosquito trappers over ordinary ones. Here are some of the benefits that can convince anyone to go and get UV LED mosquito trap!

More Effective

As explained earlier, UV LED mosquito traps are supposed to be four times more effective than the Mercury lamp insect trapper. So, why not buy one and get two-in-one facilities, energy saving, and better performance?

UV Light Attracts More Mosquitoes

It’s believed that UV light attracts mosquitoes better, so UV LED mosquito traps are eventually better options than the Mercury lamp insect trappers. In addition, most of the high-end UV LED mosquito repellents have high optical output to attract mosquitoes and small flying insects over a longer range of area. Their UV wavelength is also optimized to attract the mosquitoes better.

Are the UV LED Mosquito Traps Really Working? 2

Energy Saving

LED technologies have widely been known for their energy-saving benefits. Moreover, the traditional Mercury lamp insect trapper wastes a lot of energy in the form of heat (only a part of energy obtained room the source is used), which in turn heats up the surface. In contrast, the UV LED mosquito traps make use of most of the energy they receive from the source.


Besides all this, UV LED trappers are eco-friendly because they neither use Mercury in their operation nor produce Ozone. Moreover, the studies have also revealed that UV LED mosquito trappers are safe for everyone, including kids, adults, and pets.

Other Benefits

UV LED mosquito traps have longer battery power than their traditional competitor. What makes them more unique is that they don't actually make noise, and if you get the best quality one, it will be noise free.

After getting to know about all these benefits and evidence, you must be convinced of the effectiveness of the UV LED mosquito traps. Aren't' you? Get to know where you can buy the best UV LED mosquito trap below!

Where to Get the Best UV LED Mosquito Trap From?

Looking for the best UV LED Mosquito Trap? Visit the website of Tianhui and find one! It’s one of the high-end UV LED manufacturers offering amazing quality products that utilize UV LED Technology. Their “Innovative Mosquito Trap” is a must-have if you are tired of mosquitoes buzzing around your ears and biting. Visit their website to order your UV LED Mosquito trap now!

Tianhui is among the best UV LED manufacturers, serving customers worldwide since 2002. Its products range from UV LED Diode and UV LED Module to UV LED Products and lots more. The main focus of this company is to provide customers with fantastic quality products and ensure their satisfaction through excellent customer dealing services.

Are the UV LED Mosquito Traps Really Working? 3


Are you unsatisfied with the performance of your lamp insect trapper? It’s time to switch to the UV LED mosquito trapper! This article explains everything about what UV LED mosquito traps are. Do they actually work? What are their benefits, and from where can you get the best of them? Hope you find this article worth reading! 

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